Rogue One Is A Star Wars Story

19 12 2016

Having just seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, I can say, with certainty, that this is very much a Star Wars story, and a very, very good one. It has a few blemishes, but those are easily overlooked when you take the thing as a whole. It is, in a word, amazing.

Warning: this contains descriptions that may give away important story elements, thus being a spoiler. Read at your own risk.

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The Box Office Isn’t Dead (yet)

31 12 2015

A recent report on Barron’s (link here) describes the mild resurgence of box office revenues, courtesy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The problem here is that this isn’t necessarily a trend, and may not appear again, ever. The need to see a movie in a theatre just isn’t as compelling as in the past.

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The Star Wars Prequels Really Aren’t That Bad

9 05 2012

Over the years, a great deal of bile and invective have been heaped on the Star Wars prequels (Episodes I, II and III). It started almost the day the Episode I was released, and continued to build as the remaining movies in the opening trilogy came out. I’m here to say that those critics are comparing them to a movie that is now viewed through the lens of history, tinted with nostalgia. I don’t think the first 3 movies are actually that bad. Not that they don’t have problems. But then, Episode IV, V and VI have their own problems, as well as issues common to the whole saga.

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