Grown Up Television

25 07 2016

I finally got a chance to watch a couple of TV series that looked promising: HBO’s Vinyl and Show Time’s Billions. Both present an interesting contrast in the continued evolution of “grown up television”, television shows that aren’t really meant for a general audience. I enjoyed both, but noticed some differences that may make one a classic and one a bit of one-hit wonder.

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The End Of Mad Men

20 05 2015

The 7 seasons of Mad Men came to a close recently with the episode Person To Person. It wrapped up a show that started at the end of 1959, and brought us through the 1960’s into 1970. It was brilliant, and it rarely hit a sour note. Should it keep going? Were there more stories to tell?

Warning: In this piece I discuss events in the show that may give away important plot points. Read at your own risk.

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