24 07 2016

After multiple viewings, I realized it was time to talk about the 4th instalment in the current James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig, Spectre. The movie is the 24th “official” James Bond film, and the 26th movie made about the iconic secret agent. Some have complained it is too long, and wasn’t as good as some of the previous 3 movies. My only complaint is that it was following the “Bond out of bounds” motif yet again, but otherwise I found it to be classic Bond.

SPOILER ALERT: In this piece I discuss important plot points that may give away the ending. Read at your own risk.

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James Bond: The Literary Character

30 08 2014

I have been a James Bond fan since I was a kid. While I didn’t get to see a James Bond movie in theatres until I was in my teens, I was able to catch them on occasion on television (since they were somewhat “edited” for prime time consumption). But, my experience with Bond has always been with the feature films. I finally took the time to read the original Ian Fleming novels, and I now have a slightly different view of the Bond character. WARNING: I discuss information that will give away spoilers or important plot points, so continue at your own risk.

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Skyfall A Very Good James Bond

15 02 2013

I finally got to see Skyfall, and I was impressed. Is it the best Bond movie yet? Hard to say. I’m still pondering that. But it is very, very good, and if you are fan of James Bond movies, you must see it. I also found it intriguing on how it fits within the new, rebooted universe. Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to see them, don’t keep reading.

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Comparing The Various James Bonds

25 11 2012

To date, James Bond has been played (officially) by 6 different actors (Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig). Bond was also played unofficially by one active (David Niven) in a 1967 spoof called Casino Royale. Disregarding the ’67 spoof, the 6 Bonds all set different tones, and Moore’s Bond and how the character was presented changed as the years progressed. The only actor I didn’t like as Bond was George Lazenby. I liked Moore in his earlier Bond movies, but the series went from amusing to campy as it progressed.

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