David Bowie Ahead Of His Time

19 01 2016

David Bowie was, in my mind, an artist ahead of his time. His music always seemed to sound like it was made for a later decade.¬†Yes, it was odd at times, but that’s the charm and the brilliance of it.

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Movie Theatres and History Repeating Itself

31 12 2015

Recently, I published some thoughts on why box office revenues have seen a recent surge (and why it won’t like continue on that trajectory. What we appear to be seeing is history doing what it does: repeating itself.

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The Box Office Isn’t Dead (yet)

31 12 2015

A recent report on Barron’s (link here) describes the mild resurgence of box office revenues, courtesy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The problem here is that this isn’t necessarily a trend, and may not appear again, ever. The need to see a movie in a theatre just isn’t as compelling as in the past.

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The Curator vs. The Algorithm

3 07 2015

A new battle for how music is distributed is now underway. While there are plenty of changes in the music business, one question is how to get a lot of music listeners without requiring they purchase their music. Generally lumped under the terms “streaming music” or “internet radio”, the idea is to get “music to the masses”. How this ultimately appears has yet to be determined.

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HD Music Wasted On Most Of Us

3 06 2015

A big thing in music right now is “HD music”. This is a combination of music players purportedly built for HD music playback, and music tracks sampled from original master tapes at very high sample rates. Frankly, I think most of this is pointless. Why? Because the extra cost isn’t worth the money, and we aren’t using the right equipment.

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No Tron 3

1 06 2015

Apparently, the plug has been pulled on Tron 3, and that makes me a little sad. Why? Because I quite liked Tron: Legacy, and I have enjoyed the animated TV series as well. As a computer scientist, I find the Tron universe makes me think differently about how software could work (despite some flaws in the metaphors). I also like the feel of the universe, even if it isn’t one I would actually want to live in.

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The End Of Mad Men

20 05 2015

The 7 seasons of Mad Men came to a close recently with the episode Person To Person. It wrapped up a show that started at the end of 1959, and brought us through the 1960’s into 1970. It was brilliant, and it rarely hit a sour note. Should it keep going? Were there more stories to tell?

Warning: In this piece I discuss events in the show that may give away important plot points. Read at your own risk.

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