Blade Runner, Deckard and Replicants

16 03 2015

I’m not going to go over the “is he/isn’t he” debate of Deckard being a replicant. But what I did want to explore is something that has bothered me for a while (since I first saw the movie in 1982, actually), but I think I have an answer for. It is the question from Deckard to Bryant, asking why replicants risk coming back to Earth.

Spoiler Alert: In this piece, I discuss important plot points that may give away elements of the story or the ending. Read at your own risk.

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Spock Is Gone

27 02 2015

Leonard Nimoy passed away today, and the world is a lesser place because of it. We lost a great actor, a great director and a great artist. His portrayal of Spock was incredible, and is an enduring legacy. But we cannot overlook his talents behind the camera as a director, or his other endeavours such as his poetry.

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The Brilliance Of The Imitation Game

29 01 2015

I was able to get to The Imitation Game back in December, and I have been meaning to write about the movie for some time. In short, it was brilliant. While it takes some historical liberties (like most historical movies), it is still very true to the general premise. In this piece, I discuss elements of the movie which may expose key plot elements, and thus spoiling any surprises. Proceed at your own risk.

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Welcome To My Blog!

9 05 2012

Well, welcome to yet another blog that I have. Yes, if you look at the links on the right, you’ll see that I have a couple of other blogs. This one is focused on arts and entertainment: music, movies, TV, books and video games. If you want to know more about me, look at the “About” tab. There you can see the things I like, and that will probably give some “colour” as to what my preferences and biases will be.