The Driving Beat of Glenn Frey

19 01 2016

Glenn Frey was a key part of the Eagles sound, and he was able to take that talent out on his own. I believe that his best work was in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He seemed to slow down some, which is fine. We’re all allowed to enjoy our success.

Frey had important contributions to signature songs for the Eagles. Some of their most defining songs (Hotel CaliforniaTake It Easy, Lyin’ Eyes, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Heartache Tonight) are part of his legacy. His music and lyrics tended to be clean, simple and to the point. For me, Hotel California and Lyin’ Eyes are some of his best work with the band.

While some think that his song You Belong To the City (which appeared in season 2 of Miami Vice, in the season premiere Prodigal Son) is one of his most defining songs, I believe that his best solo effort was Smuggler’s Blues. This song became the backdrop to the Miami Vice season 1 episode of the same name. It was a song meant to be a TV episode. Frey’s portrayal of smuggler pilot Jimmy Cole was very well done.

Glenn Frey had a tremendous career, and was an important contributor to music, both with his Eagles bandmates and on his own. Everyone should be proud of what he created.




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