David Bowie Ahead Of His Time

19 01 2016

David Bowie was, in my mind, an artist ahead of his time. His music always seemed to sound like it was made for a later decade. Yes, it was odd at times, but that’s the charm and the brilliance of it.

When I listen to Bowie’s music, it always seems like it was written for a decade to follow. The sound and style wasn’t contemporary with the time it was written in, and therein lies the brilliance in my mind.

His music from the late 60’s sounded like something that would be at home in the late 1970’s. His 1970’s work had a very 1980’s sound to it. The 1980’s were clearly his decade. His music of that era was an essential part of the 1980’s music fabric.

But when I listen to parts of Ziggy Stardust and hear sounds and hooks that would easily be at home a decade or two later, I think that speaks to Bowie’s vision. He wasn’t making music for the time. He was making something for the future. That is where his brilliance lay. He will be missed.




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