HD Music Wasted On Most Of Us

3 06 2015

A big thing in music right now is “HD music”. This is a combination of music players purportedly built for HD music playback, and music tracks sampled from original master tapes at very high sample rates. Frankly, I think most of this is pointless. Why? Because the extra cost isn’t worth the money, and we aren’t using the right equipment.

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No Tron 3

1 06 2015

Apparently, the plug has been pulled on Tron 3, and that makes me a little sad. Why? Because I quite liked Tron: Legacy, and I have enjoyed the animated TV series as well. As a computer scientist, I find the Tron universe makes me think differently about how software could work (despite some flaws in the metaphors). I also like the feel of the universe, even if it isn’t one I would actually want to live in.

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