James Bond: The Literary Character

30 08 2014

I have been a James Bond fan since I was a kid. While I didn’t get to see a James Bond movie in theatres until I was in my teens, I was able to catch them on occasion on television (since they were somewhat “edited” for prime time consumption). But, my experience with Bond has always been with the feature films. I finally took the time to read the original Ian Fleming novels, and I now have a slightly different view of the Bond character. WARNING: I discuss information that will give away spoilers or important plot points, so continue at your own risk.

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Farewell To Robin Williams

19 08 2014

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014. Why have I waited so long to put down some thoughts on Robin? Because I wanted to take time to see how events unfolded, and to understand my own feelings about this tragic event. It is sad, even though I never met the man or knew him personally.

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