Disney’s Myopia On Princesses

13 06 2014

Disney has a cultural problem: they don’t know how to handle a strong, female character. How did I come to this conclusion? Because of their initial handling of the issue of Princess Leia Organa, the newest entry into the Disney Princess pantheon. It took significant backlash from consumers to get them to relent, and put in motion plans to include Leia in the lineup. Given the historic role of Disney’s female characters, though, their initial reaction doesn’t surprise me.

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The Works of Brent Butt (So Far)

8 06 2014

A Corner Gas movie is in the works. Principle photography starts in Rouleau shortly (and they have a Kickstarter campaign to cover some of the costs). This, coupled with my recent viewing of No Clue, Brent’s first motion picture, has inspired me to write some words about the works created by Brent. I won’t be going into his stand-up career or the TV appearances that go along with it. I will be focusing on his TV shows and his one movie to date.

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