My Specific Problems With The Casual Vacancy

16 03 2013

My previous post on The Casual Vacancy discussed my general problems and concerns with the book. I tried to (hopefully) avoid spoiling the story itself. This piece, however, explores specific problems and issues I have with the story. This post contains spoilers. I discuss information that will give away important plot points, so continue at your own risk.

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Mixed Feelings on The Casual Vacancy

15 03 2013

I finally got through The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and I have to say my feelings on the book are mixed. While I applaud Ms. Rowling’s first break from the genre she is so well know for (and was glad to see she was able to use grown-up curse words), I have to say I didn’t completely enjoy the book. I found that the way the story was told, and the nature of the story, forced me to spend far too much mental effort keeping track of who was who, and what they were doing and why. It isn’t a book that you can read for a bit, put down for a period of time (even a single evening) and take up where you left off. It takes concentration. As an experiment in writing, I was glad she tried it. As a finished product, I wasn’t entirely impressed. (I will avoid spoilers at all costs in this, so don’t worry about this giving away key plot points).

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Stompin’ Tom Conners

7 03 2013

Yesterday, Canada lost a legend and a musical icon with the death of Stompin’ Tom Conners. While not a gigantic commercial success, his songs were part of the soundtrack of Canada. Perhaps his most famous song is one of the two unofficial anthems of hockey in Canada, appropriately named The Hockey Song. Most Canadians can quote some lyric or another from one of Stompin’ Tom’s songs, but he never really sought big-time fame.

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