Lost In Palau A Good Read

22 01 2013

The novel Lost in Palau by Randy Schafer is a gripping story set in post-WWII Palau in the Pacific. It is about a mystery uncovered by 3 U.S. Navy sailors who discover an unidentified sunken ship. I don’t want to give away the ending, so I am avoiding spoilers. In the interest of full disclosure, the author is a close personal friend that I have known since the late 1970’s.

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The Hobbit: An Expected Journey Was Amazing

5 01 2013

Without giving away anything, the first part of The Hobbit was amazing. It was incredible. It was really well done, and I didn’t find it long or boring at all. I found it engaging and riveting. Plenty of action, but also plenty of depth to the story.

Okay, the next part contains spoilers. Proceed at your own peril. For those with Elven blades, you will notice them glowing blue. Turn back if you don’t want to know more.

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