Ken Burns’ Jazz Interesting, But Long

3 08 2012

I’ve been wanting to watch the Jazz documentary by Ken Burns for quite some time, and I finally got around to it. It is a broad, sweeping narrative covering the roots of Jazz back in the 1890’s, and touches on the root form, Blues, as well as forms such as Ragtime that influenced Jazz. I learned a lot about Jazz, but I found the series lacking in some ways. Granted, it is a huge topic to cover, given it has more than a century of history. But unlike Burn’s previous work, The Civil War, I found the series to be all over the place.

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The Sting Is A Fun Movie With The Wrong Music

2 08 2012

I finally re-watched The Sting, after having last seen it a couple of decades ago. It is a fun movie, with plenty of twists, although some aren’t all that hard to see coming. The period costumes, sets and vehicles are great. But there is one nit: the music is from the wrong era. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ragtime. It’s just that Ragtime wasn’t really all that popular during The Depression.

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